Rose & Wren’s Playhouse concept is built upon the success stories of many casual coffeehouse venues. Rose & Wren’s Playhouse Cafe will provide accessible and affordable leisure space, study room, and gathering space with coffee and tea based products, café foods, artisan: baked goods, art and wares, as well as, operating as a small to midsize entertainment venue. In time, Rose & Wren’s Playhouse Cafe will establish itself as a “choice leisure and event destination” to the many residents of Waleska and NW Cherokee County, students and staff of Reinhardt University, artisans, farmers, musicians and visitors of the Cherokee County area.

The establishment will provide a “complete, casual and leisurely” midday to early night experience for those searching for something to do. Not only will guests be able to shop for local artisan goods, art and wares, enjoy hot and cold beverages, nutritious foods from the cafe a la carte menu, guests will be able to enjoy sitting in a woodlands themed interior, where they may listen to live musical performances with ample cozy and accommodating indoor seating including tables, barstools and couches. For guest who prefers the outdoors, patio space is also available for enjoying these options. In Rose & Wren’s Playhouse environment, we hope to often find a shared game of chess, or a game of bocce playing out in the gardens located just behind the main building and patio space.

Rose & Wren’s Playhouse Cafe’s aim is simple. The goal is to provide a relaxing, sensual, and casual coffeehouse, café and/or an event experience for the many Waleskans and nearby residents of Cherokee County and visitors who frequent the city’s university for studies or ongoing college events. It will be an affordable venture for patrons and guests, one that will encourage them to return on many occasions. The menu will feature items all locally sourced within 50 miles and influenced by southern roots barbeque and cast iron cooking blended with a stone-aged approach at food.

Finally, and quite significantly, Rose & Wren’s Playhouse Cafe will provide a much needed neighborhood-based internet-coffee-café-retail–event operation that is currently unavailable to Waleska.