Brewed Coffee and Tea Infusions

Offerings will include hot and cold beverages made from a locally roasted coffee selection, specialty tea blends.

Brew Bar – Craft Wine, Bottled Beer and Kombucha on Tap

Offerings will include craft wines, beers and kombucha brews to offer a wide selection.

Accompanying Gourmet Food Items

Artisan and gourmet foods will be available for purchase any time of day.

Artisan Marketplace

Potentially coinciding with the coffee bar opening, an artisan retail marketplace will be developed, organized and established.

Café – A La Carte

A second or “GRAND” opening will occur with the opening of a café space. The menu will be A La Carte with locally sourced ingredients. All options on the menu will be moderately priced, quality driven, delicious, and nutritious.

Event Venue

After the previous endeavors are fully established, a garden will be cultivated to offer an outdoor pergola styled arbor space and adjoining barn; it will be designed for all seasons, daytime and nighttime hours, scalability, functionality, and beauty. Ample space will be built into the design for maximum enjoyment of the garden, hosting private events, and live public performances.